How to choose a laminate for your furniture

How to choose a laminate for your furniture

Before I start, I would like to give a little information that most of you have spoken Laminate by the wrong name, but after reading this the article you will not make this mistake.

Sunmaika, yes, you have been calling Laminate till now Sunmaika, which is not a proper word. I would like to clarify here that Sanmaika is a brand that makes laminate. Therefore, laminate is the correct word.

So now in our entire article, wherever we mention Laminate, it will be Sanamika but we will not call it Anamika.

So let's start…

Laminate is an artificial paper-based material that we use to make our furniture, which has the shape of a wooden surface printed on it, which looks like the surface of an exact tree.

Now here is a question of how many homeowners choose to be laminated, which is natural, because the money that you are going to spend will worry about how it will look once it is made.

Many people must have felt that they took their decision without taking any advice or things into consideration and are now regretting that after that thing is not looking good.

The market is full of laminate companies and shops, in which thousands of colors and options are available. So we will try to tell you today how to make the right choice among them.


Always select the laminate by looking at its entire sheet, do not take the decision in the small sample or catalog. Because they do not have the image of the entire sheet, it is the only piece of the whole sheet that looks different after it is installed.

If you are choosing a plain color (laminate) color, then it is a different matter.

If possible, look at the laminate in natural light, usually we see the laminate in artificial light in a shop which looks quite different after it is installed at our house, then maybe how does the light come on the furniture in your house? It is important to find out so that you know whether to choose a darker or lighter color.

Suppose you have to choose a laminate for your bedroom wardrobe,

  • First of all, decide which rooms you want to buy laminate for.

  • Then make sure that which paint is on the wall or is going to get it done in the room.

  • You have to choose the laminate according to the color of the wall and the tiles on the floor.

  •  Now, according to the color of your wall and the tiles of the floor, choose 2 or 3 colors that can match with them.

  •  If your floor tiles are dark, then choose a light color for the wardrobe, otherwise, your room will look full and feel heavy.

  •  And if the floor tiles, in contrast, are light-colored, then you can choose a lighter color for wardrobes so that your room will look bigger and give more light.

  •  Use dark color when your room is more than necessary, then here we will use dark-colored laminate to make the room look a bit overcrowded.

  •  If the height of your bedroom is a task, then be sure to choose a laminate with vertical grains for the wardrobe, rather than a horizontal granite laminate, the vertical gray laminate creates the illusion of a higher height in your room.

  • And if the width of your bedroom is less, then choose a laminate with horizontal grains, which will create the illusion of more width.

  • Avoid the choice of laminate with darker color and fine design, which you like for some time and after some time you start getting bored with them.

  • The inner side of the wardrobe should always choose the white laminate, which will save your money and your wardrobe will look very clean.

  •  There are 2-3 thickness options available in laminate, do not choose the lowest thickness designer laminate at all, because they are more prone to cracks and cracks.

  •  If you have small children in your house, then to avoid the sharp edge in the corner, choose PVC laminate, which you can bend over the corner and avoid a sharp edge.

  •  Laminate is available in the market from Rs. 400-800 to Rs. 4000- Rs. 10,000, then select them according to your budget.

  •  In non-branded laminate, you can get a very good design at cheap rates.

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