How to plant a door leaf. How to Install Interior Door Frame.

How to plant a door leaf. How to Install Interior Door Frame.

Today, in most cases internal doors are set up with their own hands. Manufacturers try to make the installation of their products as simple as possible, so almost anyone can handle it. Next, we consider this process in detail. Before you install the internal doors yourself, you will need to choose the appropriate model. According to the preliminary method, they are divided into the following categories: Moisture is the biggest enemy of wooden doors. Water enters the joints, increasing the distance between them, providing uninterrupted passage of air, so the doors become ineffective. Wooden doors are the most expensive type of doors. It is even more expensive if you order a different model.

Direct door installation

The metal entry door has a design that allows the use of insulating material inside the door. This increases energy efficiency. All doors are covered with sheet metal. They have a thermal coating that allows you to achieve the desired color. Reduces the cost of heat inside the door and cools the home.
  • Folding Such models have multiple flaps that run along the guide. They are divided into two subgroups: books (consisting of 2 volumes and are durable) and agreements (screen options).
  • P (slippery). They have the largest number of modifications: 1st and 2nd position, inward or along the wall, left- and right-handed, etc. The main advantage of such structures is the saving of space. When properly installed, they also provide a high level of sound insulation.
  • Spin it. The latter variety is the most popular. Installing this type of door is very simple, and people with no carpentry skills face it (which cannot be said about other categories). In addition, they cost very little. The main disadvantage of such structures is that they occupy a lot of usable area.

The first two varieties are established according to different methods, with significant differences. In this case, the skills of a carpenter would be required from the master, otherwise it would not be possible to achieve positive results. Therefore, our step-by-step instructions will consider the installation of swing doors.

Steel doors are suitable for any style and interior. A quality steel door can be used for life, maintenance is minimal, and there is no danger that it will be deformed when a wooden door comes along. This type of door also has its drawbacks: there is a possibility of dents, paint can be molded, and if scratched, they can rust. However, these are the most reliable doors. And in terms of price, they are cheaper than wood in any case.

This is the latest material for the entrance. The door structure is made of composite materials, covered with panels of natural materials, which have a granular wood surface. These doors have a smooth surface, which allows them to be painted in the desired color.

A few words about the choice of canvas and calculation

Technical characteristics should be selected based on room conditions. First, we determine the dimensions of the canvas, so we measure the opening. Don't forget about the need to leave a gap. Blade and beam between 3–5 mm between rack and 10–12 mm initial surface. This is necessary to avoid jamming the door. This may be due to swelling of the canvas (from temperature fluctuations and high humidity). Standard width 60–100 cm, height 180–220 cm.

This type of door is also insulated in its interior, is easy to maintain, does not rust, deform and is not damaged. Prices vary, keeping in mind the sizes and models you have chosen. Many people underestimate the situation after purchasing and installing new homes. This is not an easy process, especially for those who are not familiar with the basic details in this area.

installation of loops "Butterfly"

The first step in choosing an entrance is to study various models. Determine who will react the most to your home, the door must adapt to the circumstances in which it will be placed. It is also a very important material from which it is made. If the door is exposed to various weather conditions, then a special coating that differs from the standard is recommended
Remember: it would be impossible to correct the finished canvas, and the expansion (narrow down) opening is a labor-intensive business. Therefore, choose the dimensions that are as accurate as possible - the complexity of the installation will depend on it.
The technical interval (12–15 mm) is taken from the size of the opening, multiplied by the width of the box and by 2. The resulting number is subtracted from the width of the opening. Calculation example:
Before making a purchase, you need to correctly determine the size of the new door, if you do not want to take the risk, let's get acquainted with someone else. Today the market offers an order based on the entrance to the residences. It is important to match the color of the front door with the interior decoration of the house. In this regard, metals are preferred, as different types of coatings can be used for their manufacture. Some of them are richly decorated in various colors, others resemble natural wood patterns, as well as colored powders in the same range.
  • We have an opening 78.5 cm wide.
  • 78,5 - (1,2 + 2,5 + 0,3) * 2 = 70,5.
  • So, a model 70 cm wide is suitable for us.

The standard door length is 200 cm, so you will have to adjust the opening for this. To calculate the required height, we can measure the thickness of the box, the size of the technical clearance, and 1 cm (the distance between the canvas and the floor) two meters (or another figure, if we are working with a non-standard model ) Add. If the threshold is to be set, we add its thickness
You have already chosen the right door for yourself, this is not the easiest moment - one of its installation. In this process it is best to trust the professionals, but everything should be under your control. No matter how much door you choose, it is wrong, you cannot expect it to be served well.

Choosing the right door, you can successfully reinforce design ideas in the room, adding depth or a more modern look using the power of contrast. Sometimes, even by changing the \ u200b \ u200b door, you can radically change the vision of the room. Of course, it is correctly selected and matches the rest of the interior. Apart from the dimensions, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the material out of which the canvas is made. This is not so important, but you should not ignore this aspect. Remember some simple recommendations:
  • In rooms with high humidity, it is not recommended to use models of materials that are unstable for moisture (particleboard, pressed sawdust, etc.). They swell in a few years and lose their original form. In such cases, installation of laminate doors is recommended.

Tip: If such a variety needs to be installed, leave the technical gap 2 times larger, as such a canvas will be much faster and stronger. The power of internal doors is very large. It is not just closing or opening. All of this should be considered part of the interior. They are the finishing element and contribute to the architectural design of the room. If you have small and narrow spaces at home, then sliding doors are ideal for you. When they are open, they do not block movement. Another advantage of moving doors is that if they are of glass, they can easily split the spaces without deflecting the light. At the same time, they are a barrier to unwanted noise, for example, from the kitchen corner to the office.
If there are small children or older animals in the house, it is better to leave the model with glass inserts.
Another important point - for newly built wooden houses, when the box is installed, it is recommended not to completely screw the screws. This will allow him to survive shrinkage easily.

Where to start - Preparation manipulation

First of all, you will need to take some time and perform important operations. Another interesting type of door is hidden. They are very modern, they can imitate the wall and look invisible to guests. But after opening an extra room opens. Such doors can serve as a visual reception in many situations. Cherry on the cake among Dutch door types. It is possible to keep the upper half open, so that the rooms can be easily ventilated. They are very stylish and add charm to the setting. First, Dutch doors were used in homes, and to house pets.

What we need - we study equipment

The equipment for installing internal doors does not vary in high cost and complexity. To do all the manipulations you will need the following:
  • Hacksaw with a mater box (it should be a suitable size - so that the box fits perfectly into its grooves, otherwise it would be very inconvenient to see). You can use a circular saw.
  • Building level. Ideally, laser - this gives maximum accuracy. However, for a one-time job, there is no point in getting it - it costs significantly more.
  • Drill with a grinder.
  • Pencil (or marker), tape measure.
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver or furniture screwdriver.
  • Foam with gun.
  • Fixing materials: finishing nails (usually they are included), screws, dowels, screws (80 × 5), wedges.
  • Two spirit levels (180 and 50 cm).

To enhance the effect in the room, natural elements on the door are very suitable. Thus, by common things, they become a work of art. Contrast also plays a big role in the interior. And although many designers recommend the doors to be in the color of the basic elements of a room, more and more people start experimenting with nuances in their homes. On some bright walls, for example, dark, even \ u200b \ u200b that dark, doors would be spectacular. And why not be colorful, it will add contrast to your lovely home.

The front door, you earn a few things - a new vision and more comfort, especially when the old door is in very poor condition - with deformation, friction, and even \ u200b \ u200b that crack. Not to mention the immediate appraisal of the apartment from the moment of new install. This is, of course, in your favor if you decide to sell after a while.

The first process is disintegrating

This is the most difficult and most importantly dirty phase of work. Self-installation of internal doors begins with the dismantling of the old. Let's consider everything in steps:
During operation, an incredible amount of dirt and dust will appear. Therefore, immediately remove all furniture, carpets and other items from the room. What cannot be moved, we cover with something. Don't forget about PPE (glasses, gloves, respirators).
  • Remove the old door from the hinges. To do this, remove the screws on them. If the dad-mom type is hinged ( that is, when one part is inserted into another), just open the door and pull it over a right angle. If the loops are not lubricated, you have to put a lot of effort, so we work with a partner.

Tip: If you are no longer planning on using an old canvas, you can simply tear it down if there is enough force. This is the most radical and fastest method. Regarding climate change, be sure to install the front door before the cold starts. It is best to install a security door in your apartment, which will definitely improve your energy efficiency. But in addition to energy efficiency and reliability, the armored doors look very nice and visually, which gives the desired aesthetics of the living room. Advantages of aluminum doors: First of all, one of the main conditions is the durability of aluminum doors. In fact, wooden doors cannot survive in more extreme temperatures or aggressive environments. In fact, aluminum is a neutral metal. It is stable against other outdoor environments and suffers from rapid changes in temperature. These properties are sufficient to improve aluminum doors for wood. Also, if the door is made of aluminum or damaged, the repair is much cheaper than buying a new one.Next, you need to decompose the box. First, remove the solution that holds the frame.The upper parts of both racks are then cut. This will facilitate the extraction process: we mount in the mounting holes and simply pull strongly in different directions.As a result, they will loosen, and they can be easily removed from the opening.
Typically, these doors can be repaired at the company where they were purchased. Another new quality is strength. Despite the fact that aluminum itself is a relatively soft material, the use of special profiles can achieve much greater strength than any wooden door. Since the waterproof properties of aluminum doors are ideal for bathrooms or other wet rooms.
In addition to the above, aluminum doors have properties that will never be attained through the use of wood as a material. It has a large variety of sizes and colors, while maintaining a low price. It is no secret that most wooden doors with different designs and decorations are more expensive.

Prepare original surface

The next step is to bring the opening in proper form. The work is done in the following sequence:
  • As a result, we should find bare concrete (brick, wood - what is done based on the walls). Dismantle insulation (if any). We do this with gloves, because this group of materials irritates the skin.
  • We remove the construction waste, after which we conduct an in-depth audit.
  • If there are materials that peel off easily, remove them. We also remove all fasteners (hinges, nails, etc.).

Following such processes, it is most likely that surface evenness and integrity are broken. Therefore, it will be necessary to align it. There are several ways, but the simplest is plastering.
Aluminum is an inexpensive metal that is easy to detect and color is limited only by the designer's imagination. This quality allows you to make aluminum doors with a variety of designs, colors and sizes at a relatively low cost. From the foregoing, we can safely conclude that aluminum doors are a very good alternative to interior doors, and the bathroom is simply irreplaceable. These doors are cheaper, more durable and more reliable. Their ability to repair at a lower cost is another major advantage.

If after the cleaning operation, the width of the opening has increased (for example, the surface layer of opal plaster), the installation of add-ons will help. These are such wood (in most cases) placards with a width of 6–30 mm. They are installed in the case when you need to "increase" the size of the opening. A more durable option is cement mortar.

The increase in durability and reliability led the scales towards aluminum doors. Modern technology offers a variety of shapes and materials that are made with new doors. Today we look at the options that are available - classic French windows, sliding, telescopic and folding doors, glass doors.
A classic French window forms the connection between the garden and the house. The peculiarity of this model is that its wings are hinges and open inwards. Another interesting option is sliding glass doors. It consists of two glass windows, with a frame, which clings to each other. The advantage of this type of gate is that the opening can be much wider than other models.

Main front of work

The installation process of internal doors must be strictly observed, therefore, all further manipulations are presented in the correct order.

We assemble the box properly

Once again, making sure that the original surface is even, we proceed to the collection of the box. It is sold as bars of various lengths. It is necessary to make a U-shaped design from them (if it is to set a border, then a rectangle). The second option is mainly used for toilets and bathrooms.

Old door rejected

One of the most popular options is the so-called "French Slider". It is very convenient as it combines the features of French doors and sliding doors. The design of such a door has four wings, as both the outer and stationary panels and two internal side rails are mounted simultaneously. The third sentence will look like a telescopic door. Its peculiarity is that all panels pass each other. One of the advantages of telescopic doors over the other two doors is that it creates a large hole, making it possible to remove the barrier between inside and outside.

 The modern look, which is achieved thanks to telescopic panels with large glazing, in turn gives the space a modern and contemporary appearance in which these doors are installed. If you ordered a box with a door, most likely it will be ready - all you need to do is to assemble it (with the help of long screws or nails). With a separate purchase, you have to fit it in the size. This is the most complex process that will require maximum accuracy, because in the case of the slightest inaccuracy, the door will get sloping, which will affect its performance.

  •  Not purchased and changed every day. There is a very important insulation for the front door. It depends on how different we will be from the background noise and temperature during the cold months even when warm. So we recommend that you invest a little more capital, but make sure you are buying, as this will protect your home.
  •  The market offers a wide variety of doors for an apartment or a house. With mineral wool; With polyurethane foam; With polypropylene; C. Polystyrene; "From the hive." Type of insulation. It is better to be interesting before going shopping. If you need a door to the basement or garage, you need to take such a suitable coating in order, with a larger, more stable insulation, as the temperature difference inside the rolling out will have serious consequences.

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