Wood windows: advantages and disadvantages

Wood windows: advantages and disadvantages

The wooden windows are back in fashion. However, modern models differ from previous methods in different ways. They are characterized by a more aesthetic and presentable appearance that can radically alter the image of the house. Today we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of wooden windows.

Wood windows: advantages and disadvantages
Wood windows: advantages and disadvantages

Features and components

Windows - integral elements of any home. It is necessary to approach your choice as responsibly as possible, as these structures have not been found for a year. Fortunately, today the choice of various windows is very wide. Therefore, you can choose the best option for any wallet and style of home display.
·         Environmentally friendly windows made of wood look stylish and natural. They fit many interior styles.
Contrary to popular belief, wooden windows do not look cheap or outdated. With their help you can transform the house and make it more prosperous, which is possible due to the texture of the array.

The main feature of wooden windows is the fact that they can "breathe." This quality of wood construction contributes to the preservation of comfortable microclimate in the home. These parts have the ability to absorb moisture in its structure, giving it extra. Currently, not all window designs can claim such a feature.
The process of making wooden frames has some distinctive features. Frames and shutters are often made of laminated veneer wood. This material consists of 3 main parts, which are stronger and more reliable than solid elements.
·         It should be noted that glued laminated wood is less susceptible to drying and reducing deformation. The average thickness of this material is usually around 8 mm. Therefore, the result is a product that easily tolerates harsh climatic conditions.
In the production process true manufacturers covered wood parts with special compounds that protect them from:
·         Effects of high humidity;
·         Rot;
·         Mold and mildew structures.
In addition, reproduction may prevent the occurrence of cracks on natural materials. Compositions can be implemented in many ways. This type of treatment occurs in a closed chamber under pressure, immersion, or housing action. In addition, the protective device is applied by surface or vacuum processing. The second method is considered to be more reliable and effective, as it guarantees deep penetration of reproduction in the material.
When the process of processing wood with a protective compound is completed, it is necessary to proceed to the priority of the bases. This step is necessary so that paint and varnish blends will be applied in the future, more reliably adhering to the material. Often use environmentally friendly water-based paints for decorative wood windows.
·         Instead, a special tinting varnish is allowed to be used, through which the natural structure of the tree is always clearly visible.
Wooden windows often complement a variety of decorative elements. (For example, bindings on glasses). These parts can be made of silicon, metal or wood. Fix them in the inside of the glass or the outside of the glass.
Fasteners are often imported into the manufacture of wooden windows using mechanisms, accessories and decorations. In a design, different styles that can change the interior can effectively overlap with each other.
As for the glasses themselves, they are no different from plastic frames. Double-glazed windows are made with one or several cameras. At the end of production, wooden frames are always treated with firefighting agents that make them safe.
 Wooden windows are distinguished by reliable and thoughtful designs, which have various components:
·         One of the main details is double glazing. It consists of several parallel and hermetically placed in the eyeglass frames that are responsible for insulating properties. This construction has a profile with 3 layers. This description is also pre-processed.
·         Wooden windows must be present in high quality fittings - another important component of such structures. These elements must be represented by changing mechanisms, opening / closing as well as mounting parts.
·         The aluminum profile is attached to the exterior of the valve as well as the lower part of the frame. These components are needed to remove the water that falls on the window.
·         To achieve a tight fit of the wall and frame, use special seals. These elements have elastic rubber bands, which are inserted into the slots.
We should not forget about additional components, such as slope, ebb and sill. The largest size has a double-glazed window. It is an influential area of ​​the entire structure, so it is considered to be the main component. Use double-glazed windows in wood products, which have a different number of glasses. They can range from 2 to 4. This is directly dependent on the indicator of how much weight the window build would normally have.
·         Simple windows for a country house can have a single-chamber double-glazed window that will be able to deal with its main function seamlessly.
If you choose a design for a city apartment, it is better to switch to options with a large number of glasses (double or triple). These copies will provide additional sound insulation to the home.
To reduce the degree of noise penetration from outside, you can use double-glazed windows, which have a different thickness of glass.
For this, a more dense part is installed from the outer side of the road. As a rule, glass in wood windows is characterized by significant heat loss.
·         To solve this topical problem, you can use elements with special spraying or films. It is also permissible to turn injections into argon air chambers.

Type of construction
Wood windows: advantages and disadvantages
Wood windows: advantages and disadvantages

If earlier wooden windows had simple and complex constructions, then in the market today you can meet examples of the most different modifications. Let's get acquainted with the most popular people.


There are Russian plain windows that have a different wood detail. Such designs have a box, as well as two consecutive opening shutters with glass. Quality Russian windows are made of pine concrete. In this case, the thickness of the valves in them does not exceed 40 mm.

The main disadvantage of such structures is the fact that they can warp or warp under high humidity and temperature extremes. Profiles of a smaller width are not allowed for multi-profile milling. Therefore, it is not possible to install multiple sealing circuits in such windows. For this reason, the sash in a similar frame is not tightly fitted to the frame.

Wood windows: advantages and disadvantages
Wood windows: advantages and disadvantages

The wood finish window has a wide box (up to 180 mm), as well as 2 doors that open in sequence. In this case, the outer sash is supplied with a simple glass, and the interior has a single-chamber double-glazed window. At the same time, the shutters located outside can be made of wood and aluminum.

In Finnish windows, the doors are held together with a special mechanism, thanks to which they can be opened separately or separately from each other. For the latter method, you only need a few movements to open the mechanism. Boxes and shutters of this design are often produced from natural solid wood.

Variants of laminated veneer veneers are much less common. The cross section of the finish window is only 40x40 mm. Due to these standards, these designs look clean and elegant, but are not the standard advantages of glued laminated wood. In this model the sash is not tightly pressed around the perimeter due to the characteristics of the accessories. For this reason, the finish window cannot be equipped with a tilt and twist mechanism.

Norwegian or Scandinavian

Such designs are a combination of different types of windows. Such elements are in his creation:
·         Interior double-glazed window;
·         Exterior single glazed windows.
In this case, double-glazed windows are installed using a rubber gasket, rather than a sealing compound. Outside, these parts are fixed with screws and beadings.


French panoramic windows look especially expensive and elegant. There are a large number of bindings in such models. Opening / closing of such windows is folding, lifting or sliding. Often, these sliding systems are made of practical and durable laminated veneer wood.


Such designs are a solid frame with a clean binding. They open upwards while being in a straight position. Often such windows have only one glass


Otherwise, such options are called Euro Windows. They appeared in the market due to established high quality goods of European production. These components are mounted around the perimeter of the window sash. These models have the possibility of adjustment and tilt and twist opening. In addition, German windows are equipped with a large number of locking mechanisms. Euro windows is a design of the main window box and sash.

Along with this, the latter has a double-glazed window (as a rule, two chambers), which fits well with harsh Russian climatic conditions. Such constructions are easy to use and simple: they open in one movement. Wood is often used in the manufacture of German wood windows, with a thickness of 68–88 mm.

Based on this part, they make a special multi-circuit seal, as well as grooves for 44 mm width fittings and glass packs. Modern German windows are enviously popular. They have several major advantages that should be characterized by a strong window design. They are:

·         Hot;
·         Durable;
·         Durable;
·         Convenient to operate.

The service life of a quality German window is 70 years. In this case, the positive properties of glued laminated wood, which make such construction more practical and resistant to wear, played an important role. In the production of Euro Window use a bar affixed to 3 lamels. In this case, these parts are glued so that the wooden fibers can be arranged in different directions. This design is not subject to harmful extinction and deformation.

Wood windows: advantages and disadvantages
Wood windows: advantages and disadvantages

Wooden windows are deaf. Such designs are stable and have no functional details. They cannot be opened or closed. These options cost significantly less, as they do not have functional fittings. These windows are often equipped with multiple glazing, one of which is impulse.
·         Such construction is recommended to be installed only in well-ventilated areas.

Wood aluminum

Such window structures are made of wood, but they also have an exterior aluminum cladding. Such versions of the windows are considered more reliable, durable and durable, so they are more expensive than simple examples.

Aluminum wood

Despite a similar name, such a window has nothing to do with the above option. In this case, the carrier base of the entire structure is made of aluminum. The inserts in it are wooden lamellae, which cover the entire window inside the living space. The wooden insert replaces such a window, making it more precise and aesthetic.

Being present indoors, you will see a wooden structure made of great tree species. Typical properties of these models are their low weight, long service life and environmental friendliness. Unfortunately, in the Russian market, such window construction could not be fixed due to their high prices. Therefore, it is not so easy to meet them.

With a nap

For single-pivot and tilt and twist options for window design, the sash opens only horizontally. Often, these windows open inside the room. However, there are also examples with external mechanisms. For tilt and twist, it can be opened horizontally and vertically.

Double leaf

Double-leaf deaf swing-out windows are often made of laminated veneer wood. They have 2 doors. One of them is deaf, and the other - bending and turning, which opens and rests on the suspension located below. Currently, these types of windows are very popular and are found in many homes.

With impost

Impost is a profile made of wood, with the help of which it is possible to combine several different doors into a single structure. This part is used for the porch of the wings as well as their hanging. Wooden window structures with impost are correctly identified as the most reliable, durable and resistant to wear. Of course, such models are more expensive than dull windows, because they have a fitting.


This type of wooden windows open and close on the same principle as above. They have dependent shutters that are fixed reliably through the tongue. Also, the first of them is supplemented with tilt and twist fittings and a handle, and the second has no handle. In such a mechanism, the second flap opens only when the first one opens at this moment. If both doors are open, the opening will be absolutely free, as there is no such component in this design as an impost.

Strengths and weaknesses

There are many modifications of wooden windows. If you wish, you can choose the design suitable for any wallet and taste of the owner. However, before going to the shop for such construction, it is necessary to consider in detail what advantages and disadvantages they have. To begin with is to familiarize yourself with the advantages of featuring windows made of wood.

First, the attractive appearance of such structures should be highlighted. With their help, you can not only change the facade of the building, but also the interior. Wooden windows are environmentally friendly and safe for human health. These designs have good thermal insulation properties.

Modern types of wood are not afraid of temperature fluctuations and natural uncontrollability. Quality wood constructions do not accumulate static electricity, such as polyvinyl chloride manufacture. For this reason, these windows will not attract dust. They should not be cleaned often.

According to homeowners and professionals, wood windows have good sound insulation properties. Even under high temperature conditions and the action of ultraviolet rays, natural wood does not emit harmful and dangerous substances that harm home health. Wood windows easily fit many interiors and blend harmoniously with most pieces of furniture. Wooden windows are resistant to condensation. These designs provide excellent indoor ventilation.

These windows have a good robustness. They look stylish, may be the decoration of a certain interior structure, hinting at the welfare of the homeowners. Of course, wooden windows are lacking in them. Note them:
·         Such designs are expensive, and in whose production elite rocks are used, and they have genetic prices.
·         Over time, the tree window will begin to damp and deform. To avoid such problems is possible only with the help of protective equipment. The care of such structures cannot be forgotten.
·         Wood profiles should not only be treated with special implants, but also to refresh their appearance, for example, to tint.
·         Wooden structures are subject to fire. They are flammable and actively support flame.
·         This is why experts recommend purchasing high-quality and safe structures that have undergone special processing in the manufacturing process (such products are less susceptible to fire).

Display material

Wooden windows are made of different types of wood. Consider the most relevant of them:
·         a type of tree. For many years this material retains a beautiful golden color and natural pattern. According to its characteristics, the larch tree is similar in many respects to the African tree species, but is much cheaper.
·         Pine tree. This material is softer and more pliable. Pine windows are particularly good in log houses. Such products are cheaper. However, we must keep in mind that pine does not tolerate high levels of humidity.
·         Oak oak Windows - the perfect solution for a classic interior. Such designs are considered elite and are expensive.
·         Mahogany tree. This material is fantastic. If you want to give the house a note of chic and frills, you should replace the mahogany windows.
Often, windows are made of wood and plastic, or a combination of different materials such as wood and aluminum.

Where can I install?

Environmentally friendly and "breathable" windows made of natural wood can be installed:

·         in country;
·         In the guest house;
·         Multi-storey country house;
·         City apartment;
·         On the balcony;
·         On Loggia.

Specifics of installation and adjustment

Wooden windows can be installed by hand. However, for this you have to keep in mind some nuances associated with this work. First you have to get rid of old window structures. When you remove them from the opening, you need to clean it completely and align the blank blocks carefully. Next, be sure to check the level of deviation of the opening.
·         To fix the frame, use screws with a gap between them from small gaps (no more than 70 cm).
·         Spacers must be installed between the frame and the wall.
·         The gap between the wall and the window must be sealed with a special compression ribbon as well as high quality mounting foam.
·         After this you need to adjust the sash. Know that improper adjustment of these elements can cause cracks in the glass.
·         After a day you can proceed to set up the slopes.

Glass adjustment is an important and serious process in which it is better not to make mistakes, so as not to damage the structure.

Not every house master will be able to deal with this task, therefore, it is better to entrust this task to an experienced expert. This will provide an ideal and professional result of the work with high quality features.
What should the slope be?
Slope - The elements of a wall located on the side of a window building. The design of these parts should be attractive and aesthetic. Slopes may vary:
·         Plaster. It is possible to proceed to the structure of slopes with plaster numbers before one week of installation of window construction. As a rule, these elements easily fit into any ensembles and openings (standard, arched or figured).
·         Plastic. Such options are inexpensive and common for slopes. They are often produced using sandwich panels.
·         Gypsum. These slopes are also inexpensive. After installation, these parts can be painted or coated with plaster.
·         MDF panels such materials are more reliable and durable. MFD slopes are ideal for attractive oak or beech windows.
·         Cork. These slopes cannot be called cheap and inexpensive, but they look great. Cork elements can be matched to any shade.
·         Of wood. Glade panels are often used in the construction of wooden slopes. Such details are often used to complement wooden windows.

Important role of trim

In strong wooden buildings, window structures are located on the same level as the floor. However, all draft details and inserts and insulation that require decorative adjustment remain noticeable. In addition, a serious question arises: how to adopt high quality windows made of wood from the exterior, as well as protect them from low temperatures and wind. Standard casings are usually a simple execution.

They consist of boards of small thickness, which should be drawn from the roadside around the perimeter of the window. They are mounted so that the board closes the window frame and goes to the wall. Also, the joint that appears between the overlap and the window must be securely hidden behind the cover. The final statement will also help protect the seam from negative environmental factors. From the very beginning, wooden back plates were used to protect and conceal assembly seams.

In addition to its main function, these elements can assume the function of magnificent decoration of the facade. Beautiful designs with overlays can transform the building effectively. They are able to give it a unique style and highlight the good taste of the owners.
how care?

If you provide proper care then windows made of wood will last longer and maintain an attractive appearance. This includes the following:
·         Always clean the glass with a little dirt. Do not deposit it on the glasses in a thick layer.
·         Remove dust from all surfaces of windows.
·         Clean seals periodically from accumulated dirt and dust. If these parts are in poor condition, they should be replaced on time.
·         Periodically lubricate the window fitting, otherwise it may not work properly, creating unpleasant sounds (crunch, creak).
·         Sometimes tint the wooden frame. For this, it is recommended to use high quality and eco-friendly paint and varnish compositions.
·         It is recommended to clean the glass unit on both sides. To do this, use a glass cleaner.

Wood components are best cleaned with a simple soap solution or a special tool for surfaces made of wood.

Note the fact that the structure of the cleaning product was not an abrasive element: they can damage the material. Use a soft cloth to wipe. Always remove residual moisture from wood windows.