Top 35 modern bathroom design ideas | master bathroom | bathroom interior

 A bathroom is a comfortable place for us. In fact, it has been given the name 'toilet'. Is the name incomplete! In my opinion, it is quite right! These days bathroom are designed with great care and people are willing to pay a lot of money; and why not? A person earns money the way he wants. Here are six step-by-step tips to help you design 'Your Sweet Home':

Developing Ideas: Before we start any process, we first write down all the negative ideas that come to our mind. So, if we can get the best ideas for other things why not by designing our bathroom too. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take a piece of paper and a pen to write down all the different and unique ideas that control your mind.

Online Space Planning Online: Technology is a blessing. It has given us almost everything that is visible and can help us to predict things better in many ways. One of them is to find items designed in the system with the help of certain software and see what it will look like when completed. We have 3-dimensional impact software to plan the design of the toilet. The space in this way can be put to good use as the bathroom is small compared to other rooms.

Electronic or Print Media Research: The Internet has become a major source of information on all topics. These days they are used in an unprecedented way. Everyone loves it for a variety of reasons. We have bathroom design ideas that we would like. So, the next step is to do thorough online research or another source such as a magazine. This is important to know the latest styles in the market.

Consultation with the Designer: The designer should if you want a fully constructed and suitable bathroom. You can share your ideas with the research you have done up to your last step and you can ask him or her to customize the design as you wish and your work is more than part is done. This includes only consulting with the designers and deciding which one is best for you.

Counting the Budget: Now, this is the time to calculate the budget as it can be stressful because you will choose from a lot of designer numbers and the designer will not be friendly in the pocket but at your will. Therefore, budgeting is a wise decision because it will allow you to submit items and articles to the designer list.

The Last Execution:
Here comes the final step of doing all the planned tasks and giving the situation to your imagination. The designer will do his job, the workers will do their job and all the other people hired will do their jobs including you if you have any plans and soon your 'bathroom' will be ready to be called 'toilet'

For each person, the laundry room has a different value. It is a place where a person wants to have complete peace of mind and everything to help him take full advantage of it. To enjoy the full use of the bathroom, people like to have it not only with all the amenities but also a good look. Tiles are a key part of a bathroom that can enhance its beauty and also stay ready to use the atmosphere. So with a bathroom, one needs to go for tiles that can give a good look and are also easy to care for.

Porcelain tiles: At that stage, one can try ceramic tiles that are known for their quality, texture, and beautiful appearance. A few years ago, porcelain tiles were widely used, but nowadays ceramic tiles are a favorite of buyers and decorators. Ceramic tiles should be worn on the back because they are water resistant and last a long time. So one does not have to worry about the look and feel of the bathroom when those tiles are fixed. Among the ceramic tiles there is also a wide variety available in the market and one can go to any of them as per his choice.

Beige Napa Ceramic tile: Tile available in size 20x20 for natural look. The dark veins in it and the appearance of the clouds can make a person feel at sea and enjoy the water without getting the same in the bathtub. It is the result of a stone that can make a person feel comfortable and natural. Since the market has so many varieties available one has to choose a style that can give a natural look to the place.

Antique White Subway Tiles: These tiles are available in glossy finish and white color. They are absolutely useful for light setting and mirrors with antique look. Quality finishes, beautiful patterns, and amazing texture can help a person look good. Ideal for an old toilet look.

Dekora ceramic wall tiles: Available in white, camel, and beige. The size of these tiles is 5.2 x 5.2 which gives a good look and open image to the viewer. In a small space, these tiles can be a good option to show a certain space.