how to install uv marble sheet in furniture panel

 UV marble sheet is an 'ultraviolet' looking sheet that gives a sophisticated and simple look to the interior. It is suitable for most building applications for fitting into floors. Textile items can be used to provide protection against UV radiation to a product or wearer, but to do so effectively the fabric has to rely on its ability to resist UV transmission through the component fibers or the fabric's gap. Requires penetration of radiation through the medium. This means that the fiber itself must be UV resistant and the fabric structure must have good but low optical transparency.

how to install uv marble sheet in furniture panel

We are placed among the notable organizations which are engaged in offering high-quality UV Marble Sheet. The offered panel is precisely designed using premium grade Polyvinyl Chloride and innovative technologies under the supervision of our experts. The presented panels are widely used in homes, hotels, offices, and other places to provide a mesmerizing look. Apart from this, the provided panel is available in various sizes and designs to our clients.


  • Length: 8 feet

  • Width: 4 feet

  • Thickness: 3.5mm

  • Material: PVC

  • Weight: 16kgs/20kgs

  • Surface Treatment: Heat Transfer Printing / Laminated PVC Film + UV Coating

PVC Marble Sheet Installation

In addition to the general installation methods, generally, there are three simple installation methods widely enjoyed by the workers installed for PVC marble sheet: Method A, direct on the wall installation; Method B, aluminum alloy decorative line installation; Method C, sealant installation.

Here is another PVC marble sheet installation, it is more quick and immediate with simple tools to make a cost-saving, time-saving, decent, and fashionable installation.


  • easy to install
  • attractive look
  • superior finish

Application of UV marble sheet

kitchen, tv unit, bathroom, hotel lobby, pillar wrapping anywhere

PVC Marble Sheet Installation Step Step

Here are 5 simple steps for PVC marble sheet installation:

1. Measure the Wall

Please measure the wall with a tape ruler to know the installation area and how many pieces of panels are demanded.

2. Clean the Wall

Please clean the wall, there should be no dust and water on it.

Double adhesive tape will initially bond the panel and the wall. If there was dust and water, the adhesive would only bind the dust to the wall, but not to the wall, as a result, the tape could not hold the panel to the wall. This point is important.

3. Cut the Panel

The panel in its original shape can be installed directly on the wall, so installation is very quick. If the panel must be installed in a smaller size, simply cut the panel to the desired smaller size with the cutter. The cutter can go 2 or 3 times along a straight line to make a shallow groove, the panel can be easily folded into two smaller pieces along this groove.

4. Put double adhesive tape and glue on the panel

Put some double-adhesive tape on the panel, just some tape is enough to hold the panel in place with good bonding force, then put some glue on the panel with a glue pusher on the scattered area of ​​the panel, the glue should not be too much, that's it in proper quantity.

Double adhesive tape will temporarily bond the panel to the wall before the glue works. The bonding force of the glue will act over the next 4 to 24 hours after the panel is applied to a wall, this will bond the panel to the wall for many years. Average quality glue bonds for 3 to 5 years, but good quality glue bonds for more than 10 years.

Although only 4 to 24 hours will be needed before the glue bond force work, double adhesive tape can bond the panel for several days, like a week or two, even more. It takes a long time for the glue bonding force to work.

5. Mount the Panel to the Wall

Simply apply the panel gently to the desired area of ​​the wall. It must be carefully installed in order to fully meet the clip.