How to Select the Right Natural Stone

How to Select the Right Natural Stone

All the stones excavated from the earth and processed further for use are called Natural Stones. Natural Stones are used in Jewelry, Building, Cosmetics, and various other purposes. Certainly, we are discussing here Natural Stones used in Building either for Flooring, Wall tiles, Decorative tiles, Bath tiles, countertop, Table Top, Vanity Top, Basin, Pebbles, Cobbles, Statues, Planters, Fountains and many more. Hopefully, this information helps you to choose from the available Stones in India or the world for your home.

What are the natural stones?

What is Natural Stone? "Natural Stone" refers to a number of products quarried from the earth, used over many thousands of years as building materials and decorative enhancements. These products include Granite, Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Slate, Quartzite, Sandstone, Adoquin, Onyx, and others.

What stones are found in India?

India possesses a wide spectrum of dimensional stones that include granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, slate, and quartzite, in various parts of the country.

There are various types of natural stone tiles or Natural Stone slabs available in INDIA depending upon their technical specifications, Hardness, Porosity, Finish, and various other factors.


We should choose the stone depending upon the area environment (Look and use of the area) and its usage (High Traffic or low traffic).

How to Select the Right Natural Stone

SLATE STONE: Certainly These are the softest stone and can be pealed out with any regular pressure. Further, these can only be available on Natural split surfaces. Being these are soft, only recommended for wall tiles and low traffic (Home/ Bedroom) floors with proper sealing. Further Slate stones are available in Natural split top surface and Tumbled finish. Especially the beauty of this stone is more visible/eye-catching in Natural split finish only. Tumbled tiles are mostly used as Backsplash in Kitchen and Bathroom. These are available in Tile (10x10cm to 30x60cm) and some are in 60x60 / 60x90cm. Jack Multicolor tiles, Jack Black Slate Floor Tiles, Kund Multicolor, Indian Autumn Slate tile, California Gold Slate, Madras Multi, Rustic Autumn, Raja Red, etc.

QUARTZITE STONE: Especially These are harder than slate tiles. Certainly due to quartz particles present in it. Further Quartzite tiles have both the options to be used as flooring tiles as well as wall tiles. Used freely in indoor and outdoor. Further quartzite tiles are also used for Tabletops.

Finishes:- Quartzite Stone is available in Natural split, Tumbled, Polished, and leather/ Antique finish. Further Different finishes like Natural polished and Brushed all have their different look and certainly pull out the beauty from the depth of the stone.

The sizes available are tiles and small slab sizes. Few names are Copper Quartzite Tiles, Golden, Green Gold Quartzite Tiles, Deoli Green, Silver Shine, Ocean Green, Silver Grey Quartzite, Zeera Green, Himachal White Quartzite, Himachal Black, Himachal Gold, etc.

TRAVERTINE STONE: Travertine has pinholes in the stone structure of the stone. These holes are of various sizes. Some are tiny some are a little bit at 5mm. Further, It is a soft stone and mostly used to give an antique look to the wall. It looks antique in the natural finish and is mostly available in tile size. Travertine is not found in India.

INDIAN SANDSTONE: Certainly these are harder than Slate and Quartzite Stone. These are mostly used as Paving Slabs around the world in Natural split face finish. Apart from Paving tiles, these are used in flooring and wall tiles also in different finishes.

Finishes Available:-Natural split face, Smooth/ Honed, Polish, Sanded, Tumbled and leather.

Important:- Paving Slabs are anti Slip tiles. Cold countries like Europe, Asia, America, and many others used Indian Sandstone as paving tiles due to its Anti-Slip tendencies.

Paving Slabs are used in garden/pathway flooring. Other finishes are used as interior flooring and wall tiles. Sandstone is not as hard as Granite. It absorbs water very fast. Indian Sandstone is used in Cold as well as the hot temperatures of Gulf Countries. Further Outside floors/Pathways/Parking is recommended in Natural finish.

Available Sizes:- Indian Sandstone is available is 30x30cm to 60x120cm in Natural Split face slabs. Smooth Surface finish is processed maximum with a height of 80cm and length of 180cm. Being very big rough blocks are not available, we have to compromise with size. Few Popular Indian Sandstone are Teakwood Sandstone, Rainbow Sandstone, Dholpur beige Sandstone, Agra Red Sandstone, chocolate, Kandla Grey Sandstone, Autumn Brown Sandstone, Desert Brown, Charcoal Black, Yellow, etc.

LIMESTONE: Harder equivalent to Sandstone, these have a smooth feeling when touch. Further limestone tiles are recommended as flooring (indoor and outdoor). These are brittle in nature. Further interior flooring is recommended in Polished/Honed finish and exterior flooring is in Natural split finish. In Addition, Wall tiles can be used in Natural split face, polish, or honed finish. Certainly, Due to the smoothness of this stone, these are very much recommended in Natural Stone Steps, Benches, Garden Tabletops, etc. Further Limestone is available in Tiles and small slab sizes. A few Popular Limestone are Kota Blue Limestone, Kota Black Limestone, Beige Limestone, and Kota Brown Limestone.

INDIAN MARBLE: Marble is a type of Limestone, it is basically more smooth and sophisticate in feeling. Certainly, Marble gives an attractive antique look to the floor, wall, or any countertop. Polished and Leather / Antique finish are available.

Available Sizes:- Marble is available in Block form in Nature. These are slicing with big sewing machines into pieces and further cut into sizes. That is why these are available in Small tiles to big size slabs.

Some of the Popular Marble is Rainforest Green marble, Rainforest brown marble, Rainforest Yellow Marble, Ita Gold Marble, Fantasy Brown Marble, Indian Green Marble, Pink Marble, Lady Onyx marble, White Marble, Mercury Black Marble, Polar White marble, and many more. A big variety of marble is available in India.

GRANITE: Certainly Granite is the hardest rock (Except Diamond) in Building Stone Category. Further Granite tiles, Slab, Countertop, Steps, Risers are used in interior n exteriors decoration. These are available in Tiles, small and big gangsaw slabs. These have various finishes, like, Honed, Polished, Brushed, leather and flammed. Further, These are recommended based on the area of use. Popular Indian Granite is Absolute Black Granite, Black Galaxy Granite, Mari Gold, Desert Brown, Royal Cream, Jhansi Red Granite, Rajasthan Black Granite, Black beauty Granite, Delicatus white granite, Alaska White Granite, Copper Silk Granite, Marigold Granite, Desert Brown Granite, Tiger Skin Granite, Red multicolor Granite, Tan Brown Granite, Silver Grey Granite, Black Pearl Granite, Viscon White Granite and many more.

Semi-Precious Stones:- Semi-precious stones are processed from small lumps of Agate Stone, Mother Pearl Stone, and various other stones. These are certainly very fine polished Stones. The Polish quality is very fine as compared to Other Natural stones like Granite and marble. Semi-precious stones are used as Wall Tiles, Bath Tiles, Panels, Decorative partition panels, Washbasins, and Marble carpets. Popular Agate stones are Blue Agate, Red Agate, Black Agate, Brown agate, Golden Agate, etc. Tiger eye, Jasper, Saphire are some other qualities.

Flexible Stone Veneer:- Indian Slate stones are processed in 2mm thickness for eco-friendly use. Large-format sheets are prepared in 2mm thickness. 2mm Thin sheets of Slate Stone are pealed from the original Slate stone with a fiber mesh backing to strengthen the sheets from any damage.

Sizes:- 610x1220x2mm and 1220x2440x2mm.

Specialty:- Flexible to use on any curved surface, Lightweight, large format, low variation in color. Being many sheets are produced from one stone.,

Flexible Stone veneer is used on any curved surface, round surface. Further, it is also available in Translucent and fabric finish. Translucent is used as backlit and fabric is used for curved areas of furniture etc. The fabric finish is as flexible as cloth.

Available Colors:- Flexible Stone veneer is available in more than 20 Slate Stones.

Hopefully, we have given as many as possible details about the various building stone. You may contact Dharti Craft anytime if you have any questions.

How to Select the Right Natural Stone

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