What is Interior Design | Career Options in Interior Design

 The interior design industry is known to provide a lucrative career all over the world because in today's era the importance of fashion and design has increased a lot, the things that attract people immediately impress them, resulting in design, fashion,  Their desire for decoration etc., keeps on increasing.

 It is not limited to big cities, but the demand of interior designers has become very high even in small cities, villages etc.  Nowadays, decoration is being done by interior designers in every small and big function.

What is Interior Design |  Career Options in Interior Design

 Interior design course is one of the best career providing industry in which there are many career verticals.  In this industry, interior designing is becoming a fast emerging career option as the scope of interior designer is huge.  Therefore, the possibilities of career growth in this field are increasing rapidly.

 How to become an interior designer? - Students who are interested in the field of designing, or have the skill or passion to think new things, to imagine or to decorate a place etc. or if they have a passion in some creative field.  They can make a golden future for themselves through interior decoration course.  Interior design course is a way to promote art, which can be completed to make a better future in your interested field.

 Most of the students think what to do after 12th, but they may not know that interior design course after 12th provides a golden future regarding your interest.  Here you will read in detail all the important information related to the interior designing course.  like;  Interior Designing Course Details, What is Interior Designing Course, Interior Design Course Fee, Salary, Duration, Colleges, Institutes, Career Options, Jobs, etc.

 what is interior designing course

 Interior design is such a course in which buildings, buildings, houses, commercial complexes, shops, small and big shops etc. are taught to create a beautiful design from inside.

 The first task of a designer in interior design is to give a beautiful and attractive look to any building, shop, house, how to manage the process in this process, in the interior designing course, they are specially studied that  How to do the work beautifully according to the customer.

 Interior designing is a very attractive and famous field, in this field the decoration work is done according to the wishes of the customer, the course vertical in interior design is many, students have to choose the course regarding their interest.

 Interior decoration course works to impart proficiency in the students in the course chosen by them.  The course has been designed in such a way that along with course study, better knowledge of communication skills, spoken skills, designing skills can also be provided.

 Interior design courses range from 1 year to 3 years.  Every institute has its own course syllabus, but the main topics under Interior Design are as follows, Design Skills, Art & Graphic, Construction & Design, Computer, Computer & Graphic Design, Interior Theory, etc.

 Qualification for Interior Design

 To take admission in Interior Design it is necessary to have 10+2 pass, in this course it does not matter from which stream you have passed your 12th.  Interior designing course can be done by 12th passed students from any stream.  There should be at least 40%-50% marks in 12th then students are eligible for this course.

 Students can apply for interior design even after graduation, both diploma and degree courses are available in this course, candidates can choose their course category according to their interest.  Diploma courses are of one year and degree design courses are of 3 years.

 The admission process in interior designing course is applicable in both the ways.  Many institutes take admission for this course on the basis of certificate marks and many institutes take admission on the basis of entrance exam.

 Skills for Interior Design Course.

 To become a better interior designer, it is necessary to have some other skills along with educational qualification.

 Such as understanding of the changing market, creative mind, strong thinking mind, drawing and arts skills, communication skills, as well as good understanding of English etc.

 These skills help you a lot to become a better interior designer.  That is why it is necessary to have such skills who want to make a career in the field of designing through this course.

 interior design course fee

 There are many verticals in the interior design course and the institute demands fees regarding the course vertical, different courses related to interior design are conducted by different organizations.  Some organizations also provide the facility of distance learning.  Like fine arts, special designing, interior architecture, etc.

 Obviously, there will be different fees for different courses.  Apart from this, its fees are also different on the types of courses like at Diploma / Certification level i.e. average interior design course fee for 1 year course duration ranges from 20,000 to 2,00,000 rupees.

 And at the same graduation / degree level, the fee of this course ranges from 35,000 to 2 4,00,000 rupees, the course fee depends on the structure of the institute, what kind of services they provide.

 Interior Design Major Courses

 As you have read above that there are different verticals of interior design, similarly some of the verticals under this course are being mentioned below, which will make it easier for you to understand.

  •  Bachelor of Interior Design
  •  Bachelor of Architecture Interior Design
  •  Bachelor of Interior Design (SEPT)
  •  Bachelor of Architecture and Design
  •  Bachelor of Design
  •  Diploma in Interior Design
  •  Diploma in Interior Design and Architecture
  •  Certificate in Interior Design
  •  Certificate in Interior Design and Decoration
  •  Fine Arts in Interior Design
  •  3D Design
  •  Creative Technic in Interior Design
  •  interior design skills
  •  Design and craft in interior decoration
  •  Special Design Interiors
  •  Bachelor of Science in Interior Design
  •  Profession Interior Design Skills, etc.

 Interior Design Course Syllabus

 Although the verticals of the interior design course may be different, the course syllabus is almost the same.  The syllabus structure may be different at diploma and degree level, but the structure of both the formats is almost the same, so let's take a look at the course syllabus of interior design, maybe it will clear your concept.

  •  color theory and techniques
  •  Arts & Graphics
  •  construction and design
  •  Computer-Web Designing – Graphic Design
  •  interior design theory
  •  design practice
  •  Drawing
  •  communication skills
  •  model making
  •  furniture design
  •  material purchase
  •  environmental studies
  •  cast estimation
  •  design technology
  •  Materials and Finishes, etc.

 Career Prospects in Interior Design

 After doing an interior design course, it is not necessary that you only have to do the work of decorating and decorating the house, once you complete the interior design course, then many options open in front of you to make a career.  like;  One can get a chance to work in shopping malls, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, offices, multiplexes, etc., other big corporate companies and offices.

 Apart from all these, nowadays the operation of interior designer profession has increased to a great extent in Bollywood and TV show industry as well.  A better career can be established in this industry.  Apart from the private sector, a career can also be made in the government sector.

 Name of some popular job profiles in interior design,

 The growth of career scope in the field of interior design is very high. Students / candidates belonging to this course can work with the following job profiles.

  •  landscape architect
  •  floral designer
  •  industrial designer
  •  interior design firm
  •  architecture and design firm
  •  Infrastructure And Property Developers
  •  Furniture Manufacturing And Designing Firms
  •  Interior Design Shops wedding Decorator
  •  assistant designer
  •  Craft and Fine Artists

 Salary in the field of Interior Design

 Interior designing field is a very popular industry in which career options and growth are many, the salary of this field mostly depends on the faculty of the course, from which faculty you have completed your interior design course, apart from your skills and grade also depend on  does.  An interior designer can earn Rs 14 to 20 thousand per month in the beginning, while experience candidates can earn Rs 30-50 thousand per month or even more.