10 home decoration tips for Diwali

10 home decoration tips for Diwali

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Lights, flowers, bandanavar and colorful lights have special significance in Deepawali.  There are many decoration items available in the market for decoration.  But it is not so difficult to make the house beautiful in a short time.  Know the special things related to decoration in Deepawali which will add to the beauty of the house...

 start at the door

 Start from the door of the house.  Marigold flowers and mango leaves are considered auspicious on Diwali.  If the time is short, it doesn't matter, a day before, go to the flower market and bring such small and big garlands and decorate the main gate of the house.  Time will be saved and beauty will also be visible

 light floating lamps

 It is also considered good to have a water element in the house.  Fill a large brass or ceramic pot with water, put rose petals in it and light floating diyas.  This pot can be kept in any corner or worship room.

 3D Rangoli

 Rangoli is an important part of the spiritual process, so it is made before every auspicious work.  These days the latest trend in the market is this type of Shri 3D Rangoli.  If there is no time to make, then bring such stickers and decorate it at home.

 decorate the sides of the walls

 In childhood, the designs of the sides of the saree must have been made in the drawing copy.  This time try making such designs with flowers on the side of the walls, the house will get a different look.  It is also quite easy to prepare.

 Make Qandeel from Paper

 The joy of Diwali seems incomplete without candles.  Hang 4-5 such colorful paper kandils together.  Make sure that they are not of equal length, as asymmetrically placed candles make more of an impact.  Metal and paper mache candles are also seen a lot in the market these days.

 lighting in a glass bottle

 If you have a little time, you can hang wine bottles or jars like this too.  Put fairy lights inside them.  If light comes after filtering from them, it will be scattered in every corner.  Use a colorful bottle to make it even better.

 scintillating ceiling

 These days the market is full of colorful and beautiful fairy LED lights.  Usually balcony stairs, ceiling railings are decorated with electric skirting.  This time try putting these fringes on the ceiling.  The twinkling lights will create something different.  Apart from this, you can also enhance the beauty by decorating the trees of the house with skirting.

 lantern in the balcony

 The days of lanterns may have been gone now, but seeing such artistic lanterns brings back memories of the old days.  Hang colorful lanterns together in the balcony, you will get a different effect.