Decorate the house in Diwali with these 10 things, make the house different


 As soon as Diwali comes, the first thing starts after the cleanliness and cleanliness of the house comes the decoration of the house, if you are bored with the same old old look of your house, then this Diwali give a traditional new look to your house.  There are few days left for Diwali.  There is an atmosphere of enthusiasm in the whole country.

 Some new products have come in the market to change the interior.  Among these, crystal, multi colored stone, pearl work etc. are in trend.  Today we will tell you about these things, how to decorate the house on the occasion of Diwali, what kind of lights should be installed.  So let's know, this Diwali, how to illuminate the house and what is in trend.

Decorate the house in Diwali with these 10 things, make the house different

 The most special thing about this day is how well your house is decorated.  You should also bring good decor items for your home.  Let us know what are the ways by which you can decorate your house in Diwali.

 decoration with flowers

 Instead of decorating the house with more flowers, put one or two strings at the door of the house.  With this, your home will get a simple as well as a festival decoration.


 Making Rangoli on the main entrance of the house not only makes the house look beautiful, the guests coming will also be very happy to see it.  By the way, you can make Rangoli with your own hands using traditional colors and flowers.  But if you cannot do this, then there are more than one readymade rangoli available in the market which you can use.  Along with the entrance, the beauty of the house can be enhanced by making Rangoli in the center of the living room as well.

 Decorate the Corner with Diyas

 You will also believe that only by changing the lights of the house, the whole look of the house changes.  And they play an important role in this.  In such a situation, use lamps instead of artificial lights to decorate the house on this Diwali.  And decorate every corner of the house with a lamp.

 pylon and kandel

 Along with the main entrance of the house, put a pylon at the door of every room.  For this, you can also use traditional leaves and flower pylons.  Or the designer pylon found in the market can also be used along with it to decorate the main hall of the house.

 candle decoration

 Nowadays, many types of candles are available in the market.  You can give a different and simple look to the house with it.  You can decorate these candles on windows and terraces.

 use tea lights

 Place tea lights in colored glass containers and hang them from the ceiling of the drawing room and dining room.  With this, there will be no danger of anyone colliding with them and they will also give a very beautiful look to the house.

 Decorate the entrance like this

 Rangoli is made on Diwali.  If you are bored with the rangoli of flowers or colors, then this time try making a rangoli of crystals and beads.  It will look completely different.  Readymade Rangolis are also available in the market.  By the way, if you want, you can also make it yourself at home.  In this lamp and idol of Ganesh ji can be decorated.

 paper lantern

 Many types of goods are found in the market during Diwali.  One of these is the paper lantern.  Decorate your home with paper lanterns.  It is not only beautiful in appearance but also spreads light in the house.

 floating candle

 You have another great option, if you want, you can also resort to floating candles this Diwali, it will add to the decoration of your home.

 electric lights

 Electric lights are available in the market nowadays.  You can decorate your home with these lights.  You will also find many varieties in these lights, which will make your home shine.