Decorate the house in this way on the occasion of Christmas, give a festive look to the room

 Decorate the house in this way on the occasion of Christmas, give a festive look to the room

 There is confusion about Christmas decorations, so decorate your house with these items kept at home.

 Christmas festival is coming soon.  Home decoration is very important in this festival, people decorate their house with the help of different items.  Although we get many decoration items in the market, but all of them are very expensive.  If you want, you can decorate your home with the help of these easy ways.

 In today's article, we will tell you about such easy ideas, with the help of which you can give a festive look to your room.  So let's know about those easy ways.

 Make a Christmas tree of lighting on the wall-

 Festivals are closely related to lights.  The lighting imparts a festive vibe to the rooms.  In such a situation, if you want, you can make a Christmas tree with the help of lighting in your drawing room.  If the wall of your room is white, then this lighting made of Christmas tree will look more beautiful in your room.


 Green Lights - 1

 Decorative Items (according to the Christmas vibes)

 Box - 4 to 5

 How to decorate

 First of all, put green lights on the wall of your house with the help of tape.

 After this, use decorative items like bells, small gift boxes, small santas to decorate your light Christmas tree.

 Then put a table near your wall on which you can place gift boxes or candles to give off the festive vibes.

 With these simple steps, the decoration of your drawing room will be complete.

 Make decorative items from tree branches

 Tree twigs can be easily found around your house.  If you want, you can also make decorations on Christmas with their help.


 Christmas Balls - 7 to 8

 Lightings - 1 (any color)

 Gift Box-1

 paint color- golden

 How to decorate

 First of all take a branch of the tree and paint it with golden color.

 After this, hang the Christmas balls on the branches of those trees.

 Now finally put this tree in a glass or vase.

 So with these easy steps, your Christmas showpiece will be ready, which you can keep on the table of your home for decoration.

 Make a showpiece with old frame

 There are many photo frames at home, which have become quite old.  You can also use these frames for decoration.


 photo frame - 1

 Christmas Balls - 3 to 4

 Ribbon - 1

 How to make-

 First of all take the photo frame and color it with your favorite color.

 After this, stick the Christmas balls on the back of the frame with the help of glue.

 Then put a colorful ribbon of bow shape on top of the frame.

 With these easy steps your Christmas photo frame will be ready.  Which you can decorate on the wall of your room.

 Make snowman out of toilet paper

 Toilet paper is kept in everyone's house.  If you want, you can also make decoration items with the help of these toilet paper.


 toilet paper - 1 roll

 Stocking - 2 (1 white one red color)

 button - 3

 Glu - 1

 How to make-

 To make a snowman, first take toilet paper and make two balls out of it.  Note that you will need to fold a large amount of toilet paper into a round shape to make the snowman strong.

 Then put those rounded toilet papers inside the white socks.

 Then cut colorful socks and make a snowman's hat.

 Lastly, apply fake eyes on the face, while put colorful buttons on the stomach.

 With these easy steps, your toilet paper snowman will be ready.

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