From bedroom to bathroom, what is the rule of Vastu about keeping a mirror

Mirror or mirror shows us the glimpse of our personality. Grooming is a common tendency of every human being. Without a mirror, it is not possible to even imagine decorating well. How many times a day you use a mirror to see yourself, you must have bought a mirror fitted in a beautiful frame from the market for home decoration, but do you know that its usefulness is only It is not limited to just seeing and decorating.

From bedroom to bathroom, what is the rule of Vastu about keeping a mirror

 In which direction of the house, the mirror of which shape is placed, it has a great effect on the building and the energy around there. Therefore, emphasis is laid on its proper use in Vastu. Because if Vastu defects can be remedied by placing a mirror in the right direction, then its placement in the wrong direction increases the level of negative energy, due to which there may be loss of health and wealth.

 entry of positive energy

 According to Vastu science, the flow of positive energy is from east to west and from north to south. Therefore, the mirror should always be placed on the east and north walls in such a way that the face of the beholder should be in the east or north. By placing a mirror in these directions, opportunities for progress in life and money gain increase. Mirrors placed on the walls of the west or south direction reflect the positive energies coming from east and north.

 Do not put a mirror in the bedroom

 Do not put mirrors in the bedroom. By doing this, there is a lack of trust in married life. Along with this, mutual differences also increase between husband and wife and husband and wife may have to face many health-related problems. Both husband and wife feel tired throughout the day, laziness remains. If it is necessary to keep a dressing table, then keep it in such a way that the reflection of the sleeping person is not visible in it, or else cover it before sleeping. It should also be kept in mind that where the mirror is installed, the image of the objects increasing the negative effect should not be visible.

 Carefully place the mirror in the bathroom

 People put mirrors in the bathroom to see themselves after washing face or after taking bath. According to Vastu science, while installing a mirror in the bathroom, it should be kept in mind that the mirror should not be directly in front of the door. The work of a mirror is to reflect, when we enter the bathroom, both positive and negative energy enters the bathroom with us. And when we wake up from sleep, then the amount of negative energy is high, due to having a mirror in front of the door, whatever energy enters the bathroom with us, it returns back to the house. To remove the negative effect, the mirror should be placed in the bathroom in such a way that its reflection is not outside the bathroom.

 How is the mirror - it is good if it is

 Use only a mirror that shows a clear, clear and real image. A sharp, cracked or blurry mirror can cause many problems. The lighter and larger the mirrors, the better their effect. To increase the auspicious results, try to put a rectangular, square or octagonal mirror on the wall.