Know what should be the ideal house according to Vastu?

Vastu is a very old practice by following certain rules to develop, maintain the natural positive energy in buildings and around us.  This age-old practice of Indian civilization gives amazing results and makes the life of its practitioners successful, prosperous and peaceful.  Vastu Shastra is based on various energies such as solar energy from the sun, cosmic energy, lunar energy, thermal energy, magnetic energy, light energy, wind energy.  All these energies can be balanced to increase peace, prosperity and success.  The plots or flats offered by the development authorities in the cities are not completely as per Vastu.  In these plots or flats, it is not even possible to construct all the rooms according to Vastu Shastra.


Know what should be the ideal house according to Vastu?

people have started living in flats due to increasing population or following west.  On the other hand no one follows Vastu Shastra. Apart from this, there are many such Vastu Shastras nowadays who also claim to make the house free from Vastu defects without changing the direction or condition of the house.  If the house is not built according to Vastu principles then the positive energy gets resonated in the house which can result in some irreparable loss and economic loss to the owner.  The happiness of your home can be increased by keeping the following things in mind.

 According to Vastu, it is believed that Bhoomi Puja (worship of the earth) should be done before starting the construction of the house.  This is considered an auspicious beginning and it is a good start for further action.  When you start the construction work of your house then this is the best time when you should keep Vastu in mind.  Vastu is used to harness the positive energy inside a huge building and in our lives.  By using the rules of Vastu, positive energy remains in the house and negative problems in our life can be prevented.

 The knowledge of this ancient Vastu practice, of use in the construction of residence structures, provides prosperity, disease free existence and peaceful life all the while.

 Vastu is not only about the directions but it is also about the dimensions and the ratio of measurements between the length and width of the building in general, the ratio should be 1:1 or 1:1.5 or maximum 1:2.  It should not exceed 1 : 2 in all circumstances.  The building dimensions should preferably be shorter in the east-west, longer in the north-south.

 Ground level should be higher in West, South West and South than in East, North and Northeast.  It is better to keep the North-East lowest.

 The level of the floor should be high and low in the North, North-East and East in the South, South-West, South-East and West.  Water should not flow towards east or north and in other directions.  There should also be a middle zone.

 The realistic view is that if you are not getting good restful sleep, good healthy food and lots of love and affection in the house, then there is Vastu Dosh in the house.  There is home, there is family and there is the world.  If you do not have a house, then you are on the road among the crowd.  Having your own home is a must.  The first goal of life should be a house that is strong and free from Vastu defects.  If it is, the rest of the problems become secondary.

 Know what a house is like, and what an ideal home should be like?

 How and where is the main door of your house: Manglik signs like Om, Swastik should be used at the main door of the house.  Other doors like the main door should not be made in the house and the main door should be decorated with pictures of fruits, leaves, creeper etc.

 It is said in the Brihadavastumala…

 Muldwaram Nanayadwarairbhisanddhit Rupadrya.

 Ghatphal Patrapratamadibhischa tanmangalaischinnuyat

 Similarly, obscene pictures etc. should never be placed on the main entrance.

 Know where else the direction of your house is: – The main door of the house should be only in the east or north.  Although Vastu Shastras believe that the main door of the house should be in any one of the four directions.  They are the four directions – north, north, west and west.  But we would advise here to choose only one of the two directions.

 East or North Gate: East because the sun rises from the east and sets in the west.  North because the winds coming from the North Pole are good and the winds coming from the South Pole are not.  Before building a house, it is important to pay attention to the paths of air, light and sound.


,Brahmasthala or the courtyard of the house: If there is no courtyard in the house then the house is incomplete.  There should be a small courtyard in front of the house and behind the house. In ancient Hindu houses, big courtyards were built.  Due to urbanization, courtyards are no longer there.  If there is no courtyard, then understand that your child does not even have a childhood.  Apart from basil, pomegranate, jamphal, curry leaf plant, neem, gooseberry etc., plant flowering plants that generate positive energy in the courtyard.  Tulsi purifies the air and cures diseases like cancer.  Pomegranate works to increase blood and make the environment positive. 

 By eating curry leaves, where the eyesight remains intact, while the hair remains black and thick, on the other hand, gooseberry does not allow the body to get old before time.  If Neem is planted, then there will be no disease and sorrow in life.  Lakshmi and peace in the house comes from Mandana, know that according to the scriptures, the person who plants one peepal, one neem, ten tamarind, three cath, three bell, three amla and five mango trees, he is a virtuous soul and never has a vision of hell.  does it  Apart from this, make Rangoli daily in front of the door of the house and put it on the walls of the courtyard and on the ground.


 How and where is your bathroom and toilet :- Vastu should be taken care of most while making toilet and bathroom in the house or in the courtyard of the house, because due to its bad effect, the environment of the house can deteriorate.  Both the places are considered to be the place of mischief of Rahu and Moon in astrology.  Moon resides in the bathroom and Rahu resides in the toilet.  Toilet and bathroom should not be together i.e. Moon and Rahu together is a lunar eclipse.  If so, it will become a cause of domestic discord.  In the internal arrangement of the bathroom, the tap should be placed on the east or north wall so that the face should be in the east or north direction while bathing.  The wash basin should be placed in the north or east of the bath house.  The geyser, switch board etc. should be in the angle of fire.  They should be placed in the southeast or north wall of the bathroom.  The bathtub should be in such a way that the feet are not in the south direction while taking a bath.  The color of the walls or tiles of the bathroom should be light blue, sky, white or pink.  The arrangement in the toilet should be such that while sitting in the toilet, the face should be in the south or west.  Other arrangements should be kept similar to the bathroom.

 This has been explained in detail in the Vastu Granth 'Vishwakarma Prakash'.

 Toilet: It is best to have it in southeast (west-south) angle of the house or in the middle of southeast angle and west direction.  Apart from this, the place between the west angle and the south direction has also been said to be suitable for the toilet.  The seat in the toilet should be in such a way that while sitting on it your face should be towards south or north.  To prevent the negative energy of the toilet from entering the house, use the exhaust fan in the toilet.

 Bathroom: Bathroom should be in the east direction.  If our mouth is in the east or north while taking a bath, then it is considered beneficial.  There should be light in the east.  The wash basin should be placed in the north or east wall of the bathroom.  The mirror should be placed in the north or east wall.  The mirror should not be directly in front of the door.

 Special: Water dripping from the tap has been considered a major cause of economic loss in Vastu Shastra.  In whose house the drainage of water is in the south or west direction, they have to face many other problems along with financial problems.  The drainage of water in the north and east direction is considered auspicious from the economic point of view.  Make the place of water storage in the Northeast


 Where and how is the place of worship of your house :-- The place of the worship room in the house is the most important.  It is only from this place that we get peace in our mind and soul, so this place must be good.  Your income largely depends on where is the place of worship in the house.  The instruction here is that only after asking a specialist of Lal Kitab, a place of worship should be built, otherwise all kinds of losses may have to be suffered.  From the point of view of Vastu, a separate place outside the house of worship was kept for the deity, which was called the temple of the family.  With the changing times, the trend of nuclear family has increased, so the worship room is being built inside the house, so if the place of worship is planned and decorated according to Vastu, then positive energy definitely flows.  The house of worship or the place of worship should be in the northeast.  The idols or photos should be placed in the worship room in such a way that they are not face to face.  Like a public temple in the house, dome, flag, Kalash, Trishul or Shivling etc. should not be kept in the worship room.  The idols should not be placed higher than the bar finger.  The worship room should not be in the bedroom.  

If it is a compulsion to make a place of worship in the bedroom, then curtains should be arranged there.  White, light yellow or light pink color is auspicious for the worship room.  According to Vastu, the north-east direction is the best for God.  Establish a place of worship in this direction.  If the place of worship is in any other direction, then while drinking water, keep your face towards the north-east direction.  There should not be a toilet or kitchen on the floor above or below the puja room, nor should it be adjacent.  Puja room should not be built under the stairs at all.  It should always be on the ground floor, not in the basement.  The worship room should be made open and big.


 This is how your bedroom: Bedroom means bedroom is the most important place of our residence.  It needs to be calm and peaceful.  Sometimes due to having all kinds of facilities in the bedroom, one cannot sleep peacefully.  If there is no tension, yet there is no restful sleep, then the reason for this is the construction of the bedroom at the wrong place.  The main bedroom, also known as the master bedroom, should be on the south-west (southwest) or north-west (vayavya) side of the house.  If the house has a top floor of a house then the master upper floor should be in the south-west corner of the floor.  While sleeping in the bedroom, one should always sleep with the head against the wall.  One should not sleep with feet in the south and east direction.  Sleeping with feet towards the north gives the possibility of health benefits and economic benefits.  Sleeping with the feet towards the west removes the fatigue of the body, sleep comes well.  Never place a mirror in front of the bed.  Do not place the bed in front of the bedroom door.  Double bed mattresses should be well attached.  Never put pictures of deities or ancestors in the bedroom.  The bed in this room should be adjacent to the southern walls.  The head should be in the south or east direction while sleeping.  It is good to sleep with your head towards the east for knowledge and towards the south for wealth.  While sleeping in the bedroom, the feet should not be towards the door.  While sleeping, the person should never sleep in the oblique line in Vastu Pad.  By doing this, the person gets serious diseases.  There should not be a mirror in the bedroom, it leads to mutual discord.  The color of the walls of this room should be light.  The doors of the bedroom should not make creaking sounds.  Religious pictures should not be placed in the bedroom.  The shape of the bed should be kept as square as possible.  The bed should not be installed under the ceiling beam.  Bed made of wood is best.  Beds made of iron are said to be taboo.  Light a blue lamp while sleeping at night.  Never sleep with a jug or glass of water by your head.  In the bedroom, hang a metal object on the left corner of the wall opposite the entrance of the room.  According to Vastu Shastra, this place is the area of ​​luck and wealth.  If there are cracks in the wall in this direction, get them repaired.  The cutting of this direction is also a cause of financial loss. It should be kept in mind that on entering the bedroom, there should be an impression of peace and happiness, it is good for your happy life.  Flowers and some photos of yourself can be put to maintain a loving atmosphere.

 Points to the south for sleep.  When you sleep your head should point towards the south.  There is magnetic energy in the north, which will stimulate the blood and it can really ruin your sleep which should not happen at any cost.


 Where to place television or telephone:——

 Vastu South direction is considered to be the direction of fire in building construction, so all electronics items should be kept in this direction.  If you keep your telephone, TV etc. in the South-West direction then it will definitely be beneficial for you.


 Know where and how your study room or study room is: Study room can be made in the middle of east, north, north and west.  While studying, sit near the south and west wall facing east and north.  Don't have a door or window behind your back. Northeast of the study room should be empty. The place of study in the house should be in the north or west central. The table and chair should be kept in such a way that while studying, the face should be in the north or east direction. There should be a wall behind the back but no window or door and not under the beam. The book shelf in the study room should be on the south wall or on the west wall. The cupboard should never be in southeast or west angle. It is good to keep the color of the study room light green, almond, light sky or white. Similarly, according to the colors of the zodiac of the person, colors can be used in the house for curtains, sheets etc. By using these common sources of Vastu Shastra, human beings can get more benefits in their life.


 Know where and how is your kitchen or kitchen :-- The location of the kitchen is considered to be the most important in the house to maintain the quality of food and to make good food. If we eat well then our day goes well. If the kitchen room is not constructed in the right direction, then the family members may suffer from many digestive diseases due to food. The most suitable place for the kitchen is the igneous angle i.e. south-east direction, which is the place of fire. After the South-East direction, the second priority is the North-West direction. While eating food, sit facing east or north. Eat food in the dining room only. While cooking food in the kitchen, your face should be in the east direction. While preparing food in the kitchen, the housewife should face east or north. Utensils, spices, ration etc. should be kept in the west direction. Electrical appliances should be kept in the south-east. The kitchenware and the stove slab should be separate. Medicines should not be kept in the kitchen. Black color should not be used in the kitchen. It can be green, yellow, cream or pink in color.

 Drinking water should be kept in the north-east direction in the kitchen. The gas should be kept in the south-east direction in the kitchen. While eating in the kitchen, your face should be in the North-East direction. The fridge can be placed in the west, south, south-east or south-west direction. The place for storing food items, utensils, crockery etc. should be made in the west or south direction. There should not be a place of worship in the kitchen. The dining table should not be placed in the kitchen. If it is a compulsion, then it should be kept in the north-west direction so that the face is east or north while eating.


 Your living room or drawing room should be like this: This room in the house is very important. Furniture, show cases and other heavy objects should be kept in the south-west or south-west of this room. While keeping the furniture, keep in mind that the owner of the house should sit facing east or north while sitting. If artificial water fountain or aquarium is to be kept in this room, then it should be kept in the north-east angle. TV can be placed in South-West or Agni angle. In the sitting itself, the pictures of the dead ancestors should be placed on the south or west wall. It is best to have light blue, sky, yellow, cream or green color of the walls of this room. Some architects consider it advantageous to have the guest room in an easterly angle. The reason for this is that the lord of this direction is air and the planet Moon. The wind cannot stay in one place and the effect of the moon falls on the mind. Therefore, if there is a guest house in the west angle, the guest stays for some time and returns after receiving the previous respect, due to which family differences do not arise. If the guest is like a deity, then his room should be in the north-east or north-west direction. This is auspicious for the guest. It is considered best to have a guest room in the north-east direction of the house (northeast). It should not be made in the South-West direction because this direction is only for the owner of the house. The North-West direction is the most convenient direction for your guests to stay. You can also make a guestroom in the southeast direction of the igneous angle. The guest should stay in a room which is very clean and orderly. Seeing which the mind of the guest becomes happy. Never keep heavy iron items in the guestroom, otherwise the guest will feel that he is being considered a burden. At this stage the guest may feel tense. If you want to make your guestroom in the south direction, then consult a Vastu specialist. According to Vastu, the door of the guestroom should be in the east direction and the other in the south direction. The window in the guestroom should be in the north, west or north-east corner. If the guestroom is in the west angle (North-West) or the igneous angle, then you should make the bathroom of this room in the south-east corner and a window should be kept in the north-east corner. The east facing or north facing door made in the north-east direction is best for the guestroom.


 Know the main principles of some architectural composition:-

 1. The main door of the house should be in any of the 4 directions. They are 4 directions – North, West and North. 

 2. There should be a courtyard in front of the house and a courtyard in the back also, in the middle of which a Tulsi plant is planted. 

3. There should not be a Tiraha-Chauraha in front of or near the house. 

 4. The door of the house should be of two pals i.e. it should open from the middle. On the right side of the door wall, 'Good' and on the left 'Profit' should be written. 

 5. Place the shape of Swastika or 'Om' above the entrance of the house. 

 6. Inside the house, there should be a kitchen in the igneous angle, prayer-meditation room in the north. There should be a toilet in the southeast corner, a place to store heavy goods etc. in the south. 

 7. Do not keep pictures or idols of many deities in the house. Do not build a temple at home. 

 8. Keep all the corners of the house and brahma sthan (the middle space) empty. 

 9. Do not keep any kind of light in the roof of the house. 

 10. If there is a house around the temple, then positive energy remains in the house. 

 11. Do not collect any negative things in the house and also do not collect Atala. 

 12. The stairs in the house should be in odd number (5, 7, 9). 

 13. More open space should be kept in North, East and North-East (Ishaan). 

 14. Place saffron flag on the house. 

 15. Do not plant any negative plants or trees in the house. 

 16. By keeping broken utensils and junk in the house, negative energy is transmitted in the house. Many people keep the junk on the roof of the house or under the stairs, which hinders the growth of wealth.

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 How to do land selection :-- Selecting the land for the house is of utmost importance. It starts from there. It is important to see how the land is and where it is. If the land is also according to Vastu, then the Vastu of your house will start giving better results. Keep Vastu in mind while buying a plot or form house… Vastu: Remember these 5 things before building a house. Types of land. 2. Medium: Punyak, Sthavar, Chara, Susthan and Sutala land. 3. Low: Apatha, Rogkar, Shyenak, Shandul, cremation ground, Sammukh and Swamukh. * If your house is near the temple then it is very good. If it is a little far, it is medium and from where the temple is not visible, it is the lowest. The house should not be built right-left or in front of the temple. The house should be in a city which has 1 river, 5 ponds, 21 stepwells and 2 hills. Build the house on the north side of the mountain. Build houses in the east, west or north direction of the city. There should not be three roads in front of the house. That is, do not build houses on three paths. Do not put a pillar in front of the house. There should not be any well or water tank in the house except in the north and north direction.

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 How is the slope of the land: The sun is the main source of our energy, so if our Vastu is constructed keeping in mind the orbit of the sun, then it will be very suitable. After the Sun, the effect of the Moon is on this earth, so the Earth's weather operates according to the rotation of the Sun and the Moon. The North and the South Pole are the two focal points of the Earth. Where the North Pole is an ocean completely covered with ice, which is called the Arctic Sea, while the South Pole is such a region of solid land,


Which is known as the continent of Antarctica.  These poles rotate from year to year.  The South Pole is much colder than the North Pole.  There is no human settlement here.  Due to these poles, the atmosphere of the earth operates. There is a pull of energy from north to south.  At dusk, birds are seen moving from north to south.  Therefore, the slope of the land should be towards east, north and north.  Every direction is bound by rules, so it is important to know what should happen in each direction.

 North Direction: In this direction the maximum number of windows and doors of the house should be there.  The balcony and wash basin of the house should also be in this direction.  If the door of the house is in this direction and excellent.

 South direction: There should not be any kind of opening, toilet etc. in the south direction.  Keep heavy items at this place in the house.  If there is a door or window in this direction, then there will be negative energy in the house and the level of oxygen will also decrease.  This will increase domestic strife.  East Direction: East is the direction of sunrise.  Positive and energetic rays enter our house from this direction.  If the door of the house is in this direction then only good.  You can keep the window.

 West direction: Your kitchen or toilet should be in this direction.  Keep in mind that the kitchen and toilet are not nearby.  North-East Direction: It is also called North-East direction.  This direction is the place of water.  In this direction there should be boring, swimming pool, place of worship etc.  If the door of the house is in this direction then it will be pleasant to sleep.

 North-West direction: This is also called the west direction.  Your bedroom, garage, cowshed etc should be in this direction.

 South-East Direction: This is called the igneous angle of the house.  This is the direction of the fire element.  In this direction there should be gas, boiler, transformer etc.

 South-west direction: This direction is called southwest direction.  There should be no opening in this direction i.e. window, door at all.  The room of the head of the house can be made here.  You can keep cash counters, machines etc. in this direction.


 Where else is the terrace / portico / porch / balconies:-

 All these should be located only in the North, East and North-East sides of the building to bring health, wealth and happiness.  Balconies should face north and east.

 Where to build a garage for cars:

 The best place for garage is south-east or north-west and garage walls should not touch on east or north walls.  The North-West and South-West portions should be used for servants, car parking etc.

 Over Head Tank:

 Perfect for overhead tanks of North-West or South-West regions.  Since this is a height to be weighed in, the South-West is best.  Take care that the overhead tank should not touch the main building.

 Where to make swimming pool :--

 The best place to locate a swimming pool is on the north-east side.  It is preferable to build its swimming pool in a corner where privacy is ensured.

 Where is the underground reservoir or water tank (underground or overhead tank):—-

 The right place for underground reservoir or water tank is North-East.  It is the place of God and the place of God is supreme.  Hence the right choice for water is the northern and eastern region.

 ---Where to plant the tree:-

 Vastu concepts regarding plants and their planting should be kept in mind so that it is not just superficially beautiful in your home, but also beneficial for you.  South-east and south-west are not suitable to be selected for any type of garden or plantation. Underdeveloped and dry plants make the surrounding environment cumbersome.

 Main gate or exterior gates:

 Generally, gates in the North, North-East and East directions are auspicious and good.  The gates facing the south road are not considered better.  South-west gate should be avoided in South Road plots.  The south-east gate is a better option.  A plot west (road on the west side) should avoid the south-west main entrance while the north-west gate is a better option.  East or North direction is best to place the main door.


 Know what things to keep in mind while building a house (some important Vastu rules)--

  •  —–A brick should be placed in the eastern or northern part of the house before the foundation at the time of construction of your house/building.
  •  Keep in mind that the excavation of the plot should not be started from the west, south or south-west direction.
  •  First of all the construction should be done from the south-west side of the house.
  •  ——The construction of a house on a square or rectangular plot is extremely important and excellent in every aspect.
  •  --- The house should always be open from all sides, that means it should not be adjacent to any other building (two houses should not have a common wall).
  •  —–Plots with triangular shape are extremely inauspicious.
  •  —–It is auspicious to have a small plot between two large plots, and the owner of such a plot may face problems.
  •  The doors of each room should be facing east.
  •  ——The bedroom should be in the south and west.
  •  The south and west walls are auspicious places for mirrors.
  •  The worship room of your house should be in the North East.  All the idols and photographs should be facing east or west.
  •  The toilet seat in your house should be in North-South only.  It should not be in East-West.
  •  —– The wall of the compound on the north and east side of your house should not touch.
  •  The stairs of your house should always be clockwise/clockwise.
  •  ——anything underground should be in the north or east.
  •  —- Anything above the ground should be in the south or west.
  •  —–The verandahs should not be touching the wall of the North or East premises.
  •  Large trees should not be grown in the north or east.  They should be on the south or west side of the house.
  •  ——Reading or in any business agreement, the transaction should be at the time face East or North.
  •  ——Keep in mind, the total number of doors and windows in your house should be an even number for each floor, but the width of doors like 10, 20, 30 should not end in zero.
  •  —— The door should not be too high, too low, too wide or too narrow.  Doors should be rectangular and square doors should be avoided at all times.
  •  ——Should be observed after ventilation and good cross ventilation should be present.
  •  - Never put posters of crying woman, war scenes, sexy scenes, angry man, owl, eagle etc. in your house.  They are considered inauspicious.
  •  The doors in your house should open inside the room and should not open outwards.
  •  —- Always use a four-legged bed.  Never use a box type bed as this bed is bad for health, and the circulation of air under it stops.
  •  No space should be made under the stairs.
  •  The wardrobe in the wall should be in the south or west direction of the house.
  •  — Your kitchen, grinder, fridge, cupboards and other heavy items should be towards the south and west wall.
  •  —- Doors and windows on the first floor should be more or less than the ground floor, should not be the same.  If possible, while getting your house made, make the entrance gate according to your birth chart, but keep in mind that the entrance should not be in any angle of the house.
  •  ---Do not throw garbage in the north-east angle of the house at all.  Keep that place clean.
  •  The more open part of the house should be in the east and north.
  •  Car parking, room for servants, outhouse etc. should be in south-east or north-west angle.  The north and east walls should not be connected with the walls of their rooms and their height should be less than that of the main building.
  •  ——Porch, portico or balcony should be in North, East or North-East direction.  It is beneficial for happiness, prosperity and health.

 The roof should always be towards North-East, North or East.  Should not be in South and West.

 The boundary wall of the house should be low in the north and east and high in the west and south.

 Leave the central part of the building open, or use it as a passage to other rooms, as it is considered a Brahmasthan.

 Solar heater should be placed in the south-east of the house.  The water tank located on the house should always be in the south-west corner.  The ladder and lift should be in the west, south direction.

 Weight items should be kept in the west, south and south-west part of the house.