Top 50 list of Home goods groceries


Top 50 list of Home goods groceries

 Children of the home, people do not have so much understanding of the general home goods grocery, as what essential items are needed to run the home every day. But the elders in the home goods know about it. But this list is very long, due to which it is a bit difficult to remember about it. Apart from this, many times it happens that we forget to bring a lot of essential groceries from the shop, due to which we get in big trouble ahead.

 But in view of this problem, today we have made a list of 50 such home goods groceries, after which all the people of the home will find it very easy while bringing groceries to their homes. In this article, we have made all types of Home goods Grocery Items List such as food and drink, bathroom, worship temple and health etc. have been included in this tremendous list.

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 List of 50 home goods groceries

 No. list of home goods groceries

 1 bath soap

 2 laundry detergent

 3 sugars

 4 tea leaves

 5 ginger

 6 chili powder

 7 turmeric powder

 8 coriander powder

 9 Toothpaste

 10 tooth brush

 11 cumin

 12 asafoetida

 13 Ghee

 14 copra

 15 cardamom

 16 cloves

 17 vermilion

 18 camphor

 19 fennel

 20 sago

 21 yeast

 22 Now

 23 amla

 24 garam masala

 25 vinegar

 26 Fenugreek

 27 Kasoori Fenugreek

 28 masala chutney

 29 dry ginger

 30 cinnamon

 named 31

 32 rock salt

 33 poppy

 34 Mustard, Rye

 35 musk

 36 Katha

 37 bay leaves

 38 frankincense

 39 black pepper

 40 coconut oil

 41 Mustard oil

 42 milk

 43 mole

 44 Garlic

 45 amchur

 46 celery

 47 tamarind

 48 poppy seeds

 49 curry leaves

 50 coriander